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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What Is The Meaning & Structure Of Crowdfunding?

It will be my great pleasure if can see or share your online success story here. It’s wonderful & seems very interesting to us to know or listen any kind of success story from anyone famous. Amazing! But have we thought how much suffering can exist behind those stories to make? Yes, Life is a war. We may fall on money crisis at any time & because of any kind of reasons & help will be needed then. Online crowdfunding can help you at that situation. There are good, rich & generous class people who can help you at that time by donate you some economy by which you can get rid of that crisis moment. Some attitude people think it’s begging, ask for money to others. My question is to them when you need to lend anything from anyone such as money or other materials then what will you say about it? Because you’re also asking to others to support you by lending that thing. So from their thought it’s also begging which is totally wrong assent.
So it’s not begging. This is charity. But will be negative if you use that contribution for your personal purpose. Crowdfunding will help to support for that effort which can be both helpful & profitable for a large number of people. Suppose you are a doctor & want to support low class peoples in your area  by providing them free medicines & treatment. Definitely it’s a great work. Or suppose you want to establish an education center which will be open for all class of people without any expense or monthly fees & it’s common, trusted & easy believable that you need urgent money to start as a entrepreneurs & as expected your crowdfunding fundraising will increase then. The generous class people generally like to contribute directly to this kind of charity enterprise. This type or section of crowdfunding  are generally called donation-based crowdfunding which is totally organized not for any business or profit distribution purpose, just money contribution to make successful  great types of useful effort. So, what is crowdfunding? Some researchers think that it can’t be the only way to make or reach to your fund goal. Maximum crowdfunders can’t fill up their crowdfunding budget. Though it’s true but not accurate enough. We recently collected some proof & information about those crowdfunders who were able to reach to their expected fundraising amount & earned more than of that. At March 2014, Dr. Schnieger started online crowdfunding to be supported by rich & developed medical treatment expense for some of their institute of autistics children & his expected budget was $12000 & fortunately he was able to raise $30000 & this full & extra bonus fund raising happened because of the quality of his campaign. No confusion that he had done a very great charity work & success came to him.

So crowdfunding can be a business but don’t try to use it by seeing from any business angle. Follow the correct way & use it for that purpose for which this system created & your donors will donate you to be succeeded! 

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